EP-85R Software Update

New Software available for EP-85R Storage Device
This bulletin is announcing the release of 2.4.0 software for the EP-85R Network Fuel Storage device.  This software release contains software fixes and enhanced features over the previous versions.


  • Resolves the issue in some installations of the vessel fuel used being incorrect or reset to zero:
    • Some engines outputting data onto the NMEA 2000 network output a fuel rate of zero when the motor is keyed on, but not running. This zero fuel rate data would be read and stored by the EP-85R Storage Device and ultimately lead to incorrect fuel remaining values. This software now handles this information correctly and will report the proper amount of fuel used at all times.
  • Improved Fuel used accuracy: 
    • Not all engines output the fuel rate message at the NMEA 2000 standard. This new software allows for different data rates to be calculated correctly and therefore keeps the fuel used data more accurately.


  • This software now allows for the EP-85R to be used in installations where multiple engine data is transmitted from a single gateway:
    • If two or more engines are connected to a single network gateway the EP-85R Storage Device is now able to distinguish fuel flow from each engine and keep track to their independent fuel used.


  • This update is available for all EP-85R with the following exception:
    • If you have an EP-85R with software version 2.3.0 you may not want to perform this update. Doing so may result in your EP-85R becoming unresponsive and unrecoverable.
      • If your EP-85R has a software version 2.2.0 or older you can upgrade with no issues.
      • If your EP-85R has software version 2.3.1 you can upgrade with no issues.
    • If your EP-85R is performing as desired in your vessel installation there is no need to perform this update. You only need to upgrade if you need access to the fixes/features listed above.

If your EP-85R Storage Device contains software version 2.3.0 and you need to upgrade to access one of the fixes/improvements above please contact your regional customer service department.

Download Software


Version 2.4.0
Release Date Dec 11, 2015
File Size 19.5k
File Format luf