Elite 3.6

The new 3.6 software update for Lowrance Elite-5 DSI, Elite-5, Elite-5m and Elite-5m Baja is now available. Follow the steps below to update your unit.

Copy the update to your microSD card
  1. Make sure the microSD card reader is properly connected to your computer (and, if necessary, that the drivers are installed).
  2. Insert a blank microSD card that is no larger than 2GB into the microSD card reader.
  3. Transfer the Elite 3.6 software files to your microSD card.
    Elite-5 (.zip file)
    You will be prompted to Open or Save:
    1) Open:
    1. Open will show the files contained in the download, you can copy these directly to your microSD card.
    2. Select both files by holding the Shift key and clicking on both of them.
      (BigBirdColorMS_v360t.bin and 2412_4.ldr)
    3. Now right click with the mouse and select Copy
    4. Select your microSD from My Computer
    5. Paste the files to your microSD card by right clicking and selecting paste.
    2) Save:
    1. Selecting save will download the .zip folder to your computer to the folder of your choice.
    2. Once you have downloaded the file you will need to extract the .zip folder to access the files inside.
    3. Once unzipped you can copy the files (as mentioned above) on to your microSD card.
  4. Elite 3.6 is a 4 MB file and may take a while to download. Please be patient.

Installing the update on your Elite unit:
  1. Turn your Elite unit off.
  2. Place the microSD card containing the updated operating software in the unit's microSD card tray.
  3. Turn your Elite unit on. The software update will automatically install.
  4. After the install is complete, remove the microSD card from the unit.
How to see which version you are running:
  1. Press Menu twice.
  2. Select System.
  3. Select About.
  4. Version is displayed directly under the model name.

What changes are made in this update?
  • Added Trip Calculator: The user now has access to a trip calculator page that displays Speed, Average speed, Max speed, Trip time, and Trip distance. This new page can be accessed via the System menu.
  • Added data overlay options:
    • Trip calculator overlays
      • Average Speed
      • Trip Distance
      • Max Speed
      • Trip Time
  • Time
    • Date
    • Time
    • Date (no year)
    • Time (no seconds)
  • Improved access to features while in Ice mode:
    • Moved Ice mode from the Sonar options menu to the Fishing Modes menu, this gives the user quicker access to enable this feature.
    • Added main sonar adjustment options to the onscreen adjust menu.
      • Sensitivity/Colorline/Noise rejection/Surface clarity/Ping speed 
  • Added support for the new Lowrance Lake Insight PRO™ and Nautic Insight PRO™ mapping
  • Added Turkish Language support
  • General software and performance improvements

Download Software


Version 3.6
Release Date
File Size 4 MB
File Format .zip