HDS Gen2 Touch Software Upgrade (6.0)

Recommended for all HDS Gen2 Touch displays worldwide, this upgrade includes support for Mercury® VesselView® Link, C-MAP Easy Routing and Navionics® Autorouting, in addition to other performance improvements and enhanced functionality.

Key Features

Mercury VesselView Link

  • View all of your Mercury Smartcraft® engine data in one place ─ on your Lowrance® multifunction display. The Mercury® VesselView® Link interface module integrates SmartCraft® engine data with HDS Gen3 displays ─ providing quick access to RPM, speed, fuel remaining, battery voltage, trim tab data and Mercury Smart Modes, like Eco, Smart Tow®, Troll Control and Cruise Control. VesselView® Link puts all the data you want, where you want it ─ at your fingertips.


Upgrade Instructions (32Gb card maximum)



版本 6.0
发布日期 Aug 10, 2016
文件大小 139Mb
文件格式 zip