StructureScan® 3D Software Upgrade (v 18.2)

Lowrance StructureScan Software UpdateWe are pleased to announce that new software has been released for the StuctureScan 3D module. 

To install the update:

  1. Save the software update to a SD/microSD card. (32Gb MAXIMUM SIZE)
  2. Insert the SD/microSD card into the card slot on your multifunction display
  3. Press the Pages key and select Files
  4. Select your SD/microSD card (Memory card)
  5. Select the software update
  6. Select Upgrade, a dialog will appear with a list of installed StructureScan 3D modules
  7. Select the module you want to upgrade
  8. Select Start Upgrade.




版本 18.2
发布日期 24 August 2018
文件大小 36.7
文件格式 .riw