Meet the Pros
Randy Allen Randy Allen
Randy Allen
Shreveport’s Randy Allen continues to be a strong competitor on the Bassmaster Elite Series.
Keith Amerson Keith Amerson
Keith Amerson
Keith Amerson has competed at all levels of FLW competition, stepping up to the Walmart FLW Tour as a rookie in the 2014 season.
Matt Arey Matt Arey
Matt Arey
Winner of the Forrest Wood Cup as a co-angler in 2006, Arey has consistently pushed himself to compete at a higher level every year.
Casey Ashley Casey Ashley
Casey Ashley
Casey Ashley is a three–time Elite Series winner and the 2015 GEICO Bassmaster Classic champion.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Adrian Avena Adrian Avena
Adrian Avena
"Nicknamed the “Jersey Boy”, Avena is one the FLW’s rising young stars to come out of the FLW College Fishing series."
Evan Barnes Evan Barnes
Evan Barnes
This is the next step in this deal they call Fishing! Join me on this journey of whackin bass while glorifying the name of Jesus Christ! Come On!
Clayton Batts Clayton Batts
Clayton Batts
An FLW Tour rookie in 2014, Batts has been fishing in lakes and ponds since he was three years old.
Drew Benton Drew Benton
Drew Benton
"A native of Panama City, FL, Benton started fishing the Rayovac FLW Series in 2009 as a Co-Angler and has quickly moved up the ranks as a professional."
2017 Classic Qualifier
Tommy Biffle Tommy Biffle
Tommy Biffle
"Arguably known as the king of flipping and pitching, Tommy Biffle has made his career fishing shallow cover with a jig and flipping stick."
Scott Canterbury Scott Canterbury
Scott Canterbury
Canterbury started fishing BFL events in 2003 and has worked his way up the fishing ranks to the FLW Tour.
Brandon Card Brandon Card
Brandon Card
"Tennessee's Brandon Card, who competed for the University of Kentucky, is the first Bassmaster College Series angler to qualify for the Elite Series."
Tyler Carriere Tyler Carriere
Tyler Carriere
Tyler was away from bass tournament fishing for two decades and has come back to quickly find success on a level as competitive as the Bassmaster Opens.
Ryan Chandler Ryan Chandler
Ryan Chandler
Nicknamed “Ryno”, Chandler has been fishing the FLW Tour on and off since 1997, both as a co-angler and a professional.
Hank Cherry Hank Cherry
Hank Cherry
Hank Cherry was the 2013 Elite Series Rookie of the Year.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Joey Cifuentes Joey Cifuentes
Joey Cifuentes
Joey Cifuentes is a professional bass angler on the FLW Tour as a Co-angler, BFL, and FLW Costa Series as a professional.
Luke Clausen Luke Clausen
Luke Clausen
"Spokane, Washington native Luke Clausen is one of only five anglers in history to have won both the Forrest Wood Cup and the Bassmaster Classic."
Brandon Cobb Brandon Cobb
Brandon Cobb
Brandon Cobb is a professional fisherman on the FLW Tour. 2014 marked his rookie season on tour.
Dustin Connell Dustin Connell
Dustin Connell
Dustin Connell grew up in Clanton and got started fishing tournaments with his brother when he was about 12.
Kyle Cortiana Kyle Cortiana
Kyle Cortiana
Professional Angler at FLW, Kistler Rods, Cabelas, AnglerHub Pro Team, Gene Larew Pro, Lowrance Electronics, Ardent, OptiCast, BaitSack, Bionic Fishing & STORMR
John Cox John Cox
John Cox
Cox has proven to be a force on the FLW Tour. 2012 marked another good season for Cox, finishing second at Lake Okeechobee, 10th at the Detroit River and 11th and Sam Rayburn Reservoir.
Cliff Crochet Cliff Crochet
Cliff Crochet
“The Cajun Baby” Cliff Crochet has been fishing from the time he can remember growing up in the Atchafalaya Basin in southeast Louisiana.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Darrell Davis Darrell Davis
Darrell Davis
This Florida native got his start in FLW fishing BFL events in 2006.
Mark Davis Mark Davis
Mark Davis
"Mark Davis is 3-time Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year and the 1995 Bassmaster Classic champion."
Bill Day Bill Day
Bill Day
Day began fishing with FLW in 2001, starting in the BFL circuit.
Bradley Dortch Bradley Dortch
Bradley Dortch
Bradley Dortch is a professional angler fishing on the FLW Tour.
Kurt Dove Kurt Dove
Kurt Dove
Kurt Dove is a professional angler and Lake Amistad Bass Guide.
David Dudley David Dudley
David Dudley
Dudley is three-time winner of FLW’s coveted Angler of the Year trophy.
James Elam James Elam
James Elam
James Elam was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he attended Broken Arrow High School. He was a high school state wrestling medalist and received All American honors
2017 Classic Qualifier
Edwin Evers Edwin Evers
Edwin Evers
Edwin Evers has fished in 13 Bassmaster Classics since 2000, and has grossed over 2.2 million dollars in tournament winnings since going pro.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Todd Faircloth Todd Faircloth
Todd Faircloth
Todd Faircloth has earned over 2 million dollars while competing in B.A.S.S. events.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Travis Fox Travis Fox
Travis Fox
Fox started fishing BFL tournaments as a co-angler in 2002 and has worked his up become a professional on the Tour.
Micah Frazier Micah Frazier
Micah Frazier
Micah’s quick success in the Bassmaster Opens is that he has been a bass tournament junkie for the past 10 years.
Shinichi Fukae Shinichi Fukae
Shinichi Fukae
Fukae began competing on the FLW Tour in 2004 and promptly won the coveted Angler of the Year title.
Derek Fulps Derek Fulps
Derek Fulps
Shaw Grigsby Shaw Grigsby
Shaw Grigsby
Bass are the toughest, most finicky, and most difficult fish to catch -- unless you know where and how to fish for them.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Buddy Gross Buddy Gross
Buddy Gross
Buddy is an FLW tour professional and has a great passion for the sport of bass fishing. In his first year on the FLW tour in 2016, he got his first tour level win at Pickwick Lake.
Wil Hardy Wil Hardy
Wil Hardy
"Wil Hardy began fishing at a grassroots tournament level at the age of 16, where he fished as a co-angler on multiple circuits before transitioning to the front of the boat in 2010 FLW Tour season."
2017 Classic Qualifier
Charlie Hartley Charlie Hartley
Charlie Hartley
"After a career as a professional skateboarder, Charlie Hartley began fishing B.A.S.S. events in 1993."
2017 Classic Qualifier
Billy Hines Billy Hines
Billy Hines
This 2017 season will be Billy's rookie year fishing the FLW Tour.
Joe Holland Joe Holland
Joe Holland
Joe started fishing tournaments between Maine and Florida and has competed in the North East and South East FLW Rayovac Tournaments.
Todd Hollowell Todd Hollowell
Todd Hollowell
Hollowell began his FLW fishing career as a co-angler fishing BFL events in 2002 and has excelled all the way to the top of the sport, the Walmart FLW Tour.
Randy Howell Randy Howell
Randy Howell
Randy Howell is a 21-year veteran of the Bassmaster Tour. He is the 2014 Bassmaster Classic champion.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Brandon Hunter Brandon Hunter
Brandon Hunter
After fishing for five years as a co-angler on the FLW Tour Brandon Hunter decided to make the transition from co-angler to pro in 2014.
John Hunter Jr. John Hunter Jr.
John Hunter Jr.
John got his first boat when he was 16 years old, and compteted in some small local tournaments.
Mike Iaconelli Mike Iaconelli
Mike Iaconelli
Michael Iaconelli is the only angler to have won the Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Angler of the Year and B.A.S.S. Nation Championship.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Kelly Jaye Kelly Jaye
Kelly Jaye
Kelley Jaye from Dadeville, Alabama
Jason Johnson Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson
Professional fisherman on the FLW TOUR.
Cody Kelley Cody Kelley
Cody Kelley
Getting to live the absolute coolest dream of making a living fishing competitively. Using bass fishing to give back to others is the ultimate goal!
Powell Kemp Powell Kemp
Powell Kemp
Powell Kemp is a professional angler. He competes in the FLW Tour, the Rayovac FLW Series, the BASSMASTER Opens, and other local tournaments.
Jay Kendrick Jay Kendrick
Jay Kendrick
From as young as I can remember, maybe three or four, I wanted to be a professional fisherman.
JT Kenney JT Kenney
JT Kenney
Kenney, a former MotoCross racer, recently had one of his best years to date, finishing eighth in the 2012 Angler of the Year race.
Mike Kernan Mike Kernan
Mike Kernan
Kernan recalls fishing team tournaments with his dad in an independent bass club when he was about 16 years old.
Kota Kiriyama Kota Kiriyama
Kota Kiriyama
Gary Klein Gary Klein
Gary Klein
Gary started competing in bass fishing tournaments when he was in high school on the Western Bass Association.
Brian Latimer Brian Latimer
Brian Latimer
I grew up fishing and don't really remember not fishing.
Jeremy Lawyer Jeremy Lawyer
Jeremy Lawyer
2016 BFL All-American winner and FLW Cup Qualifier
Jordan Lee Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee
Fishing on Auburn’s University Team was a life changing, growing, experience that opened the doors to my future in fishing.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Dave Lefebre Dave Lefebre
Dave Lefebre
Dave his hot off a successful rookie season on the Bassmaster Elite Series, after competing on the Wal-Mart FLW Tour for 15 years.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Shane Lineberger Shane Lineberger
Shane Lineberger
Welcome to the official page of BASS Elite Series Professional Angler, Shane Lineberger! Starting a new journey so stay tuned for all the ups and downs !
Tim Malone Tim Malone
Tim Malone
Malone has competed on the EverStart circuit, and 2014 marked Malone's second season at the sport's top level - the Walmart FLW Tour.
Lendell Martin Jr. Lendell Martin Jr.
Lendell Martin Jr.
With career earnings totaling just short of a quarter million dollars, Martin has been fishing the FLW Tour since 2004.
Chris McCall Chris McCall
Chris McCall
I've fished the FLW Tour as a Professional Angler for 7 years. I'm a 2 time Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier, & 2 time Rayovac Champion.
Brandon McMillan Brandon McMillan
Brandon McMillan
ne of the hottest young anglers on tour, 2013 marked McMillan’s first official year on the FLW Tour circuit.
Brandon Medlock Brandon Medlock
Brandon Medlock
Medlock fished his way to a victory in the EverStart Series event on Okeechobee, anchored by an absolutely massive sack of fish weighing 35 pounds and 7 ounces.
Ish Monroe Ish Monroe
Ish Monroe
Elite angler Ish Monroe has 24 Top 10 finishes in his B.A.S.S. career.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Andy Montgomery Andy Montgomery
Andy Montgomery
Growing up in Blacksburg, SC I started fishing at very a young age.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Dan Morehead Dan Morehead
Dan Morehead
Morehead has fished the FLW Tour every year since its inception in 1996.
Troy Morrow Troy Morrow
Troy Morrow
Morrow has been fishing with FLW since 1997, cashing checks through all levels of FLW competition including the BFL, EverStart Series and the FLW Tour.
Jim Moynagh Jim Moynagh
Jim Moynagh
One of the very few anglers on the Tour from the state of Minnesota, Moynagh is considered one of the veterans of the Tour.
Shawn Murphy Shawn Murphy
Shawn Murphy
Murphy’s most successful campaign to date was his rookie season in 2011, where he took home the coveted rookie Angler of the Year distinction, by finishing 37th in the standings.
Britt Myers Britt Myers
Britt Myers
Myers got his start fishing with South Carolina bass clubs, and B.A.S.S. Nation tournaments.
Michael Neal Michael Neal
Michael Neal
One of the youngest anglers on the Tour, Neal has been fishing events with FLW since 2008, when he began his career as a co-angler on the Tour and a boater in the other circuits.
Larry Nixon Larry Nixon
Larry Nixon
Nixon, also known affectionately as “The General”, is one of the most respected anglers in tournament bass fishing history.
Takahiro Omori Takahiro Omori
Takahiro Omori
Professional bass angler and 2004 Bassmaster Classic Champion. Currently competing B.A.S.S. Elite series and Major League Fishing.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Robert Pearson Robert Pearson
Robert Pearson
Pearson joined FLW in 2003 and has been a mainstay on the FLW Tour ever since.
Clifford Pirch Clifford Pirch
Clifford Pirch
Clifford grew up fishing and hunting Arizona's Rim Country for as long as he can remember.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Pete Ponds Pete Ponds
Pete Ponds
My dad used to fish BASS. He taught me how to fish and is still a good fisherman.
Jacob Powroznik Jacob Powroznik
Jacob Powroznik
J-Proz is the only Tour-level angler who has finished in the Top 6 in Angler of the Year standings the past five consecutive years.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Brett Preuett Brett Preuett
Brett Preuett
Jayme Rampey Jayme Rampey
Jayme Rampey
Clark Reehm Clark Reehm
Clark Reehm
Clark Reehm is a former Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and FLW Tour Angler running a unique angler enhancement course and guiding in East Texas, notably Sam Rayburn Reservoir.
Jimmy Reese Jimmy Reese
Jimmy Reese
FLW tour pro JIMMY REESE has been fishing professionally for 18 years and started his career fishing out of a float tube.
Skeet Reese Skeet Reese
Skeet Reese
Skeet Reese is a former AOY and Classic Champion. He was fishes out of Auburn, California. He has a wife, Kim, and a two daughters, Leamarie and Courtney.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Marty Robinson Marty Robinson
Marty Robinson
Pro bass angler competing on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour and Major League Fishing Selects.
Dean Rojas Dean Rojas
Dean Rojas
Dean Rojas, of Lake Havasu City, is a local angler who is blazing a trail to the top.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Scott Rook Scott Rook
Scott Rook
Scott is a Bassmaster Elite Series Angler, a Bassmaster Tournament Winner and 8-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier
Bradley Roy Bradley Roy
Bradley Roy
Bradley Roy from Lancaster, Kentucky
2017 Classic Qualifier
Jarred Seasor Jarred Seasor
Jarred Seasor
Terry Segraves Terry Segraves
Terry Segraves
A former Redfish Series tournament angler, Segraves has been fishing with FLW for over 15 years.
Morizo Shimizu Morizo Shimizu
Morizo Shimizu
Kevin Short Kevin Short
Kevin Short
Kevin Short has won four B.A.S.S. events in his career, including some of the toughest events in the organization's history.
Fletcher Shryock Fletcher Shryock
Fletcher Shryock
Fletcher began fishing and following the Bassmaster anglers at a very young age. At the age of 10 he recorded fishing shows that he named “Fishing with Fletch.” There was no question he wanted to be a Bassmaster pro when he got older.
Spencer Shuffield Spencer Shuffield
Spencer Shuffield
Son of legendary FLW angler Ron Shuffield, Spencer has fished alongside his dad on the FLW Tour for several years.
Blake Smith Blake Smith
Blake Smith
Fishing in the IFA Redfish Tour and IFA Lucas Oil Pro Am as a Pro, Blake found himself with opportunities to become one of the only cross over Professionals in the industry for 2015.
Jeff Sprague Jeff Sprague
Jeff Sprague
Jeff Sprague of Point, Texas, is known by his competitors as one of the best grass fisherman on the FLW Tour.
Matt Stefan Matt Stefan
Matt Stefan
Matt Stefan attributes his fishing abilities to his parents and grandparents who started him fishing with a Johnson Silver Minnow and an Uncle Josh Pork Frog on family vacations to northern Wisconsin.
Wesley Strader Wesley Strader
Wesley Strader
Strader has fished with the FLW Tour since 1997 and his remarkable consistency has been enough to push him past the $1 Million mark in career earnings.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Scott Suggs Scott Suggs
Scott Suggs
Suggs is most well-known for making bass fishing history and changing the landscape of tournament fishing in 2007 when he became bass fishing’s first instant millionaire in front of his home crowd at the 2007 Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Ouachita.
Bill Terrell Bill Terrell
Bill Terrell
Austin Terry Austin Terry
Austin Terry
After a solid rookie season on the FLW Tour, Terry followed it up with a very impressive top-20 AOY finish.
Randall Tharp Randall Tharp
Randall Tharp
RANDALL THARP entered professional tournament bass fishing in 2008 and has pocketed $1,947,425 in tournament winnings alone.
2017 Classic Qualifier
David Walker David Walker
David Walker
David Walker's impressive fishing history includes 10 Bassmaster Classic appearances and 23 Top 10 finishes in B.A.S.S. events.
James Watson James Watson
James Watson
Watson started fishing the FLW Tour as a co-angler in 2009 and earned a trip to the 2009 Forrest Wood Cup.
Charlie Weyer Charlie Weyer
Charlie Weyer
Weyer began fishing FLW tournaments in 2003.
Jacob Wheeler Jacob Wheeler
Jacob Wheeler
Jacob Wheeler's success began at a young age in the junior fishing programs where he captured angler-of-the-year and state championship titles, top ten finishes and Junior Bassmaster Classic appearances.
Jesse Wiggins Jesse Wiggins
Jesse Wiggins
Jesse Wiggins from Cullman, Alabama
2017 Classic Qualifier
Scott Wiley Scott Wiley
Scott Wiley
2013 marks Wiley’s first season fishing the FLW Tour.
Jason Williamson Jason Williamson
Jason Williamson
Professional Angler and two time Elite Series Champion from Aiken, South Carolina.
2017 Classic Qualifier
Barry Wilson Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson
Wilson played college football and was a running back at Auburn University. He loves spending time with his wife Jennifer, son Connor and daughter Olivia.
Michael Wooley Michael Wooley
Michael Wooley
Michael Wooley started out fishing in the Memphis Bass Association club tournaments with his dad. He's been hooked ever since!