Castable Sonar - Fishhunter

Sonar Images Sent to Your Smartphone

For too long, anglers fishing from the bank have been left out of the fishfinding game. Not anymore.

With FishHunter Pro and FishHunter 3D Castable transducers, Lowrance brings the advantage of 'knowing where to cast' to anglers who fish without a boat.

FishHunter sends underwater sonar images over WiFi connection between the transducer and a smartphone or tablet. Water temp, depth, bottom contours and images of fish and structure – and even bait and jig movement – are viewed on the free FishHunter app.

Lowrance Fishhunter App

Versatility and Flexiblity
Anglers can use FishHunter anywhere -- and any way -- they fish.

It's perfect for fishing from a bank, dock, pier or frozen lake and can even be used on the water from a kayak, canoe, float tube or a boat. FishHunter transducers are durable enough to withstand weather and water conditions as cold as -20 degrees.

Explore and Map
Anglers can create their own custom Bathymetric or 3D structure maps of a favorite fishing spot or an entire lake by trolling FishHunter behind a boat. Mark locations of marinas, bait shops, favorite fishing spots and catches by placing pins on the map, including key information, like photos, that can be shared with other FishHunter users. 

Know Where to Cast with More Coverage
The FishHunter Pro and FishHunter 3D transducers support three sonar frequencies -- 381 kHz, 475 kHz and 674 kHz. FishHunter Pro is a tri-frequency transducer, while FishHunter 3D features five, tri-frequency transducers for even greater sonar coverage.

Lowrance Fishhunter

FishHunter Pro
FishHunter Pro has a WiFi range of up to 150 feet, can reach depths of up to 150 feet and features four traditional sonar views – Fish (fish symbols), Raw (fish arches), Bathymetric view and an Ice Fishing flasher view.

FishHunter 3D
FishHunter 3D has three exclusive views, including 3D Fishing, 3D Structure Mapping and a Directional Casting view that shows the depth below each transducer and highlights the transducer closest to the fish, helping anglers hone in on fish locations. FishHunter 3D can reach depths of up to 160 feet and features a 200 foot WiFi range.