July 14, 2017

Marine Electronics, a Valuable Tool Currently Underused

Romsey, UK. – A recent survey conducted by Lowrance® found that more than 50% of boat owners are not currently making the most of their electronics, lacking awareness of some important features that could make their navigation experience safer and more fun. The 2017 Lowrance survey of over 750 boat owners across Europe aimed to discover more about how boaters prepare their boats for the season and how they use their marine electronics.

According to the survey, 52% of respondents feel that they are not maximising the potential of the functions available in their marine electronics. A surprising 74% admitted that they would like to gain more from their equipment, but don't know how to use some of the functionality.

Lowrance would always advise a pre-season check-up of all marine electronics equipment and 91% of those surveyed confirmed that they do review their electronics before the season starts. However, nearly 60% reported that they don´t update the software on their electronics system every year. This means that the majority of boat owners surveyed are not benefitting from the various new features and functions that manufacturers make available for their products via software updates. 84% of the respondents would like to have regular software updates, but find it too complicated or can´t find the information they need to do it themselves.

In light of these findings, Lowrance has developed the Network Analyzer and Service Assistant tools, both designed specifically to address the issues highlighted in this survey. The Network Analyzer simplifies software updates by proactively notifying users when new software is available. This great feature removes the manual task ofsearching for software updates, ensuring that everything is sent directly to customer devices. The Service Assistant tool transmits a detailed report of Ethernet and NMEA 2000® network devices to the technical support team so they can help troubleshoot issues more quickly. These great features are available via a one-time download to compatible Lowrance devices.

Lowrance have developed a variety of resources to help their customers get more from their marine electronics systems. Visit the Lowrance video library on www.lowrance.com or the Lowrance Youtube channel to see all the latest ‘how-to' resources. There is an extensive catalogue of videos including; how to upgrade software, set up a unit for the first time, or calibrate the touchscreen. All of these resources are aimed at helping users get more out of their marine electronics equipment, so they can maximize their enjoyment on the water.

About the survey sample: A total of 791 people have participated in this survey carried out by Navico on behalf of Lowrance, Simrad and B&G in Europe. Most respondents are from Germany (41%), Spain (13%), UK (12%), Denmark (10%), Italy (6%) and Norway (6%).

22% have a sailing boat, 68% have a motor boat.

39% are fishermen, 26% sports fishermen, 17% cruisers. 8% daily sailors, 8% racers, 2% professionals (captains, professional sailors, etc).