HDS-7m Gen2


The 6.4 in/16.3 cm display with LED backlight provides an easy-to-view, two-panel splitscreen – for example, with chart, radar or engine and system data – all at a more affordable price. Plus, HDS-7 offers the added option of a three-window view.

Key Features

  • Lightning-fast operation.
  • Super-accurate, internal GPS antenna with faster 5Hz update rate.
  • High-bright, sunlight-viewable display with LED backlighting.
  • NMEA 2000® and high-speed Ethernet networking options.
  • GoFree Wireless Technology compatible for wireless viewing sonar and chartplotter displays on tablets and smartphones.
  • Chart Sharing allows viewing of map data from one chart card across every HDS Gen 2 and Gen2 Touch display on the network, maximizing chart card value.
  • Extensive mapping options – HDS Gen2 includes built-in charts or bundled map options, and is compatible with the most expansive selection of cartography on the market. Options include Insight Genesis™, Navionics®, C-Map Max-N, and more. All charting options can be used with Insight Planner™ PC planning software. Visit the Insight Store for more details.
  • Network via Ethernet to combination chartplotter-fishfinder HDS units to turn “M” model displays into full multifunction units capable of displaying Sonar, StructureScan® HD, StructureMap, DownScan Overlay™ and more.
  • Lowrance Advantage Service support


Display 6.4 in \ 163 mm
16-bit color Full VGA SolarMAX™ PLUS TFT
Resolution Full VGA 480V x 640H
Communication NMEA 2000®, 0183 and Ethernet
Languages 23
Media Port One (1) SD/MMC slot

Two year

Display 6.4 in \ 163 mm
16-bit color Full VGA SolarMAX™ PLUS TFT
Resolution Full VGA 480V x 640H
Communication NMEA 2000®, 0183 and Ethernet
Languages 23
Media Port One (1) SD/MMC slot

Two year

Display Resolution 480 x 640 (H x W)
Display Type 16-bit color Full VGA SolarMAX™ PLUS TFT
Display: Backlighting Screen/Keypad
Backlighting Type Pure white LED
Multi-language Display Yes
GPS and Sonar Overlay Data Yes
Split Screen Presentation Yes
Display Size 6.4 in \ 163 mm
Networking Connectors
NMEA 0183 Interface up to 38,400 baud
Connectors NMEA 2000®, NMEA 0183 and Ethernet
NMEA Output 0183/2000

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Rx Tx
59392 ISO Acknowledgement x x
60928 Address Claim x x
126208 NMEA Group Function x x
126992 System Time x x
126996 Product Info x x
127237 Heading/Track Control x x
127245 Rudder x  
127250 Vessel Heading x x
127251 Rate of Turn x  
127257 Attitude x  
127258 Magnetic Variation x x
127488 Engine Parameters Rapid Update x  
127489 Engine Parameters Dynamic x  
127493 Transmission Parameters Dynamic x  
127503 AC Input Status x  
127505 Fluid Level x  
127506 DC Detailed Status x  
127508 Battery Status x  
128259 Speed Water Referenced x x
128267 Water Depth x x
129808 DSC Call Information x x
129025 Position Rapid Update x x
129026 COG & SOG, Rapid Update x x
129029 GNSS Position Data x x
129033 Time and Date x  
129038 AIS Class A Position Report x  
129039 AIS Class B Position Report x  
129040 AIS Class B Extended Position Report x  
129283 Cross Track Error x x
129284 Navigation Data x x
129285 Route/WP Information   x
129539 GNSS DOPs x  
129540 GNSS Sats In View x x
129802 AIS Safety Related Broadcast Message x x
129794 AIS Class A Static and Voyage Related Data x  
129801 AIS Addressed Safety Related Message x  
129802 AIS Safety Related Broadcast Message x  
130074 Waypoint Name and Position x x
130306 Wind Data x  
130310 Environmental Parameters x x
130311 Environmental Parameters x x
130312 Temperature x x
130313 Humidity x  
130314 Actual Pressure x  
130576 Small Craft Status x  
130577 Direction Data x x
Operating Temperature -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 130°F)
Built-in Backup Memory Yes

Sealed and waterproof

Product Width 8.8 in \ 224 mm
Product Depth 3.5 in \ 88 mm
Product Height 6.4 in \ 163 mm
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 10 - 18 vDC
NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number 1 network load (50mA)
NMEA Input Yes
GPS Navigation
Navigation: Routes 200
Navigation: Waypoint Storage 5000
GPS Antenna Type Internal, high-sensitivity GPS+WAAS (Americas) or GPS+EGNOS+MSAS (non-Americas)
Man Overboard Feature Yes
Plot Trails

Up to 10 trails - up to 12,000 points/trail

GPS Alarms Yes
Custom Mapping

Optional Navionics® Platinum+ and Platinum chartcards with TurboView™ for worldwide coverage - as well as Navionics® HotMaps™ Platinum, Lowrance Hot Spots® PRO and LakeMaster® ProMaps* (Americas)

* Mapping cards available through LakeMaster Lake Map retail outlets.

Background Mapping

Expanded U.S. BaseMap or Insight USA™ (Americas) or Worldwide background map (non-Americas)

Languages 23
Other Features Fishfinder features available via Ethernet networking, optional SIRIUS Satellite Weather/Radio and new 2-year limited warranty
Memory Card Capable

One SD/MMC memory card slot

Antenna Type Optional Lowrance radar choices available

HDS-7m Gen2

Performance Plug-ins

  • VHF / AIS

    All-weather marine VHF radios with fixed DSC models and waterproof handhelds. Features include integral GPS and track-your-buddy, long battery life and easy-to-read screens.

  • Broadband Radar

    Lowrance HDS® combines with revolutionary Broadband Radar™ technology for the ultimate navigation system

  • Entertainment

    A separate, fully waterproof dock connects an iPod, iPhone, or MP3 audio player to the SonicHub™ while keeping it protected and secure.

  • Engine / NMEA 2000®

    Engine / NMEA 2000® - networking packages for multi-station sensing and display of boat systems and engine functions.