HDS Gen2 Touch

The Powerful, New HDS Gen2 Touch — Redefining Ease-of-Use

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Now with HDS routing

Lowrance announces AutoRouting for Navionics and Easy Routing for Jeppesen C-MAP MAX N+ charts. Find out more

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Built-In, Four-Channel Sonar Technology

Combine with award-winning Broadband Sounder™ for a more complete view of structure and fish detail that’s easier to interpret.

StructureScan HD
Splitscreen Broadband Sounder (left) and DownScan Imaging of walleye, weedline and baitfish ball.

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TrackBack View with New Preview Pane

Scroll back through sonar history and mark waypoints without sacrificing real-time sonar recordings. Our new Preview Pane also gives you a quick way to reference the area of sonar history you’re covering.

StructureScan HD
TrackBack view with preview pane to mark location with a waypoint on your chart.

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DownScan Overlay™

Lowrance’s exclusive Downscan Overlay combines the best of two sonar views directly beneath your boat: Broadband Sounder and DownScan Imaging.

StructureScan HD
Two-way splitscreen of Broadband Sounder with DownScan Overlay (top) and StructureScan view.

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Dual-Chart Viewing

HDS Gen 2 Touch delivers the most mapping choices. With exclusive Dual Chart Viewing, you can now display Navionics® and Insight mapping simultaneously, giving you the best of both navigational views.

StructureScan HD
Dual-Chart Viewing with built-in Insight USA™ mapping (left) and Navionics® Platinum+ (right).

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Chart Sharing

Get the most from your chart purchases! One map card is all you need! Insert charts into any HDS chartplotter model on your boat's network and access them from any of your HDS Gen2 Touch or Gen2 displays.

Insight Genesis
Share map card on your HDS network.

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Overlay Enhancements For Your Map

Built-In StructureMap™ Overlay

Overlay StructureScan™ left- and right-side images on any map for an easy-to-interpret picture of the structure below, and where it is in relation to your boat.

StructureScan HD
Splitscreen with 3D perspective view of Insight mapping and StructureMap overlay.

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Introducing Insight Genesis™

Create your own map from real sonar data that you record with accurate, high-resolution 1-foot contours, bottom hardness and even weed lines.

Find Out More

Insight Genesis
Insight Genesis map with high-resolution contour data.

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NEW! Wider, Brighter Displays

Choose up to a 12-inch display for unmatched clarity and detail, or select the 7-inch, that packs amazing power into a compact package.

HDS Gen12 Touch

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New! Easy-To-Use Touchscreen

Unlock the power of HDS with fewer button presses, making it simple to quickly master advanced features. The first touchscreen display created with anglers in mind, it’s even easy to use in rough conditions. Plus, SolarMAX™ enhancements for superior sunlight and wider-angle viewing.


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Flexible Networking Options

Network and share data across all HDS displays for the ultimate flexibility and cost-savings. NMEA 2000®, NMEA 0183 and Ethernet-compatible with up to two Ethernet ports.


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Performance Upgrade Choices

Compatible with Broadband 4G™ and 3G™ Radar, LGC-4000 external GPS antenna, SonicHub™ marine audio server, AIS collision-avoidance system, engine interface cables, plus video camera inputs on 9- and 12-inch models.


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View and control your HDS Gen2 Touch wirelessly!

Install the revolutionary WIFI-1 module on your boat's network, and then view and control Gen2 Touch fishfinder and chartplotter displays wirelessly using supported tablets and smartphones and the GoFree app.


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