Temp Sensor Software (v 1.2.0)

Lowrance regularly releases software updates for products which provides extra functionality and features or fixes reported issues. It’s always best to ensure your product is on the latest software release which helps it operate at it’s optimum. Please follow the link below to download and install the latest software for your device.

Upgrade Instructions:

  • Download and unzip the software update
  • It is recommended all devices, other than the Temp Sensor and MFD being used for the upgrade are removed from the NMEA2000 network
  • Ensure all MFDs are turned off, other than the MFD you are using to complete the upgrade
  • Copy the SWUP file (Temperature 1_2_00_00.swup) to a microSD card
  • Insert the card into MFD
  • Go to the home screen on the MFD, and select Files
  • Select the memory card that contains the update
  • Access the card and select the upgrade file
  • Select Upgrade, (if the screenshot below does not appear, use the "Show All" button) and manually select the Temp Sensor for upgrade - this is only relevant for older MFD software versions)
  • The Temp Sensor should be automatically selected. Press Start Upgrade.
  • When the progress indicator reaches 100%, the Upgrade Complete dialog will appear.
  • At this stage, wait 5 seconds before completing any other action. Your upgrade is complete Note: If using a PC and the ST10 tool to complete the update, ensure all MFD's on the network are turned off, and unplug any other NMEA2000 devices on the network.

Download Software


Version 1.2.0
Release Date Apr 17, 2017
File Size 51k
File Format zip