HDS Carbon Software Upgrade (v 2.0)


This upgrade provides the below feature additions and improved functionality to the HDS Carbon family of multi-functional displays from Lowrance:

Control BarLowrance Control Bar

A new Control Bar is located on the left hand side of the screen. This centralizes access to features, that had previously been available in several different places.

The Control Bar will show the controls for the following, if the relevant products are connected to the system.

  • Trolling: MotorGuide ® Xi5 controls will be visible if the MotorGuide® Gateway Kit is connected to the NMEA 2000 network
  • Outboard Pilot: Autopilot controls will be visible if the NAC-1 Autopilot computer is connected to the NMEA 2000 network
  • Audio: Audio server controls will be visible if a compatible Audio Server, such as SonicHub/SonicHub2/Compatible NMEA 2000® Radio/Fusion-Link™ Radio, is connected to the NMEA 2000 network
  • Power-Pole: Power-Pole controls will be visible if, compatible C-Monster enabled Power-Pole is paired to the unit

Dynamic Color Trails based on Boat SpeedLowrance Color Trails by Speed

  • This allows the system to dynamically change the color of the GPS trail, based on boat speed.
  • Trail color can be based on the following data sources (if available)
    • SOG (Boat Speed over ground: GPS)
    • STW (Boat Speed through water: Paddlewheel)
  • This is great for showing where you have fished vs where you were on pad running
  • Match the trail color for a constant speed when trolling baits
  • Provides an extra layer of safety on those lakes and waterways that have hidden hazards previously driven through

Heat MapsLowrance Heat Map Feature

  • Heat Map is a new Chart Overlay that allows an angler to see trends in water temperature, based on where the boat has travelled.
  • The water temperature history is shown on the chart as a color scale (or Heat Map) that changes depending on the temperature of the water.
  • A water temperature sensor (either in a transducer or a network sensor) is required and it has to be set as a water temperature source, in the Network settings.

Additional Software Improvements

  • Screenshot files are now named using the Date and Time. The new file name format is “Screenshot_2017-07-06_05.01.12.png”. The file used to be named “shot001.png”
  • Added the East/West identifier missing from waypoints when the coordinates system is set to Degrees / Minutes / Seconds
  • Dock to Dock feature now works with certain Navionics charts in Europe that was previously unavailable
  • False high voltage Alarms have been rectified
  • Now have a new power control for the Fusion MS-BB300 radios.
  • HDS Carbon sonar port identifiers have been changed in the Frequency Menu.
    • (H) designated to the Blue 7- pin Sonar port is now (Ch1)
    • (L) designated to the Black 9-pin Sonar port is now (Ch2)

    Upgrade Instructions (32Gb card maximum)


Version 2.0
Release Date Sept 12, 2017
File Size 141 Mb
File Format zip