Dean Silvester - New South Wales, Australia

About Dean

Dean Silvester, commonly referred to as Cruiser by most Queenslanders, lives in central NSW and works as an Electrical Engineer for a mining company in Narrabri.

What little spare time Dean gets he spends fishing in tournaments, tournament pre-fishing and on rare occasions social fishing.

At 14 Dean entered a junior journalist competition in “Fresh Water Fish ‘N’ Tackle” magazine and won, launching his dream into reality. After having several articles published as a junior journalist, Deans career blossomed as he become more professional with specialised camera equipment and publications in several high gloss national magazines.

Dean's tournament career kicked off in 2005 with a 5th place in his first event and cementing his goal of being a Pro Tournament Angler. With the desire to test his skills against other anglers and finding out about the latest and greatest gear, Dean drives himself to be the best.

"There is a great sense of satisfaction to be had by sharing techniques and knowledge with fellow anglers and amateur fisherman alike."

Dean fishes from a Skeeter SX180 with a 135 Evinrude Outboard powering it along. To keep an eye on the fish Dean uses dual Lowrance HDS12 Gen2 Touch multifunction displays. Typically when Dean fishes for bass he run with obyns and NS rods partnered with Quantum EXO reels. If the fishing is quiet he'll keep himself entertained with SonicHub® complete audio system running off his iPod or iPhone music library.

Dean's tips for amateur anglers

  • For anybody starting out in tournaments or just getting into lure fishing I recommend buying the best sounder you can afford in your budget and getting to know and trust what it tells you.
  • It also pays to spend a lot of time researching locations and reviewing past experiences. This information will help improve catch rates exponentially, utilise technology like Google Earth or Insight Genesis™. Reviewing past sonar images and trips will help formulate a plan for the next outing.



Dean Silvester uses:

Dual HDS12 Gen2 Touch

  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Built-in StructureScan® HD & Broadband Sounder
  • Trackback™ to review and save key hotspots
  • GoFree™ Wireless ready

Insight Genesis™

  • Record a sonar log
  • Upload to Insight Genesis web service
  • Review your sonar and structure log
  • Download and use on your chart platter


  • Complete Marine Audio System
  • iPhone/iTouch Connectivity
  • Waterproof Docking Case
  • AM/FM Radio

Dean Silvester Videos:

Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch