Mark Healey - New South Wales, Australia

About Mark

Mark has been working as a Surveyor for an Underground Coal Mining Operation in the Lower Hunter Valley in NSW for approximately 3 years, and prior to this worked as a Land Surveyor for a private firm.

Mark is engaged to his partner Karen, who shares the same passion for fishing and also competes regularly in fishing tournaments around NSW.

First introduced to fishing at a very early age, Mark has fished as long as he can remember. Mark's skill and passion for fishing has grown from catching mullet off the pier and pulling in flathead for dinner to targeting fish on lures and competing in tournaments. With 8 years of tournament fishing under his belt, Mark has gathered a following of close friends and honed his skills as a professional tournament angler. To his name Mark has achieved several key tournament wins and countless top 10 finishes.

Mark uses a variety of different gear in his fishing depending on which species of fish he is targeting and the environment he is doing it in. For Bream Fishing Mark uses small light gear such as small reels, crisp graphite rods and ultra light super lines. The lures are mostly small in size and finesse is needed to entice a strike. Typically Mark uses a G.Loomis rod which can offer the sensitivity he needs and when fishing a Hard-Bodied approach he opts for a Cranka Lure.

Mark currently fishes from a Skeeter ZX190, an American style bass boat which he has powered with an Evinrude 200HP High Output Outboard Motor. Mark has fitted his Skeeter out with state of the art marine electronics from a Lowrance HDS9 Gen2 Touch at the helm networked with a Lowrance HDS7 Gen2 Touch at the bow. To give him the edge, Mark runs StructureScan® HD, to map the seabed and provide a winning advantage over his competitors.

Mark's tips for amateur anglers

  • Fish as light as you possibly can for the fish you are targeting.
  • Be aware of your surroundings like tidal flow and bird movement.
  • Don’t be afraid of trying new techniques.
  • Be patient and persistent.
  • Make sure you enjoy your time on the water.

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Mark Healey uses:

HDS7 & HDS9 Gen2 Touch

  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Built-in StructureScan® HD & Broadband Sounder
  • Trackback™ to review and save key hotspots
  • GoFree™ Wireless ready

StructureScan® HD Imaging

  • DownScan™ Imaging
  • SideScan Imaging
  • TrackBack™
  • Downscan Overlay