Tim Taylor - Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

About Tim

Tim’s background in kayaking started at high school where he competed in white-water slalom, and for a time was part of the New Zealand Team. He is most known however for more recent efforts with an expedition which saw him kayak around the whole of NZ in a sea kayak.

Tim is an accomplished Kayak fisherman contributing regularly to NZ Bay Fisher magazine and pioneering techniques for successful Kayak fishing around New Zealand.

To share his knowledge, Tim runs a business taking Kayak Fishing and Kayaking Adventure Tours around the Bay of Islands Area.

Tim is among the youngest known personalities pioneering the Kayak fishing community, but he has gained huge popularity through his endeavours and active contribution to publications in the industry.

Tim’s competitive fishing career is a far more recent development but he is already proving he is someone to be watched.

Tim's tips for amateur anglers:

  • Know your limits: kayaks are very small craft so you need to be aware of the conditions and what your body can physically handle.
  • Think big but act small: kayaks will catch the big fish but you just don't have the room to store all the gear. Plan ahead and select only the tackle you really need.
  • Use plenty of ice: storing your catch in a salt ice slurry will keep your fish in a pristine state.
  • If you are paddling anywhere, tow a lure! You are going at the perfect speed and you never know what you will catch along the way.
  • Never leave home without a camera.

Tim Taylor uses:

Elite-7 HDI

  • New Hybrid Dual Imaging™
  • Highly accurate built-in GPS
  • 70% Larger Elite Color Display
  • Advanced NMEA 2000® networking

with 83/200+455/800 HDI Transducer

  • Ideal for clarity up to around 30-40 meters
  • Transom mount skimmer transducer