August 26, 2013

Lowrance Dominates at BETS 2013

2nd and 6th place for Lowrance at BETS 2013 in August @ Darling Harbour


Mark and Adrian of Team Lowrance HDS pulled another top place in the BETS Grand Final in August. Mark and Adrian have taken podium finishings for the past 4 years with 1st in 2010, and 2nd for 2011, 2012 and 2013 consecutively.

"The weigh-in for day one confirmed how good the conditions were with nearly all teams weighing in with good quality fish, but it was past winners Team Lowrance HDS of Mark Healey and Adrian Neoh who set the early pace with the only four kilo plus bag.

With 4.19kg the team held a slender lead, but with bag weights in the mid to high 3kg range the top ten teams were all within striking distance. An epic second day was on the cards and with the conditions due for a blustery change around lunchtime on the Sunday the pressure would be on to secure some valuable fish in case the change proved too challenging.

When teams return for the weigh-in on day two the picture was indeed very different – quiet confidence had given way to just plain quiet.

With 1 team left to weigh in, Team Lowrance HDS had held their overnight lead and set a tough challenge to the remaining team - over 3.3kg was required to take the lead." -

A ripper bag from Team Pflueger/Evinrude weighing in at over 4.7kg tipped the scales and Lowrance HDS out of top spot to settle confidently in 2nd for the 3rd consecutive year.

Fellow Pro Teamers Tracey Mammen and Tim Stauton of Team Lowrance Gen2 also did well with the largest bag leading into day two and finishing at 6th overall at the final weigh in.

Team Lowrance HDS & Gen2 use:

HDS7 & HDS9 Gen2 Touch

  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Built-in StructureScan® HD & Broadband Sounder
  • Trackback™ to review and save key hotspots
  • GoFree™ Wireless ready

StructureScan® HD Imaging

  • DownScan™ Imaging
  • SideScan Imaging
  • TrackBack™
  • Downscan Overlay