Experience superior navigation exclusively from Lowrance.

Confidently enjoy fast, accurate navigational detail with the best-yet Insight HD and PRO charting options.

Lowrance Insight HD & Pro 2012


  • Expert fishing tips, built-in:  Fully loaded with Fishing Hot Spots® tips and techniques, fishery profiles, marked fishing locations and much more to save you time and fuel in finding productive waters.
  • Space to save: Comes with ample memory space to record sonar logs, screenshots, waypoints/routes/trails and display system settings without need for an additional SD memory card.
  • Zoom-in for a closer look: Insight HD 2012 chartcards provide 20 more zoom-in of levels of high-definition shaded relief imagery -- beyond the built-in Insight mapping of Lowrance HDS® and HDS Gen-2 models.
  • Premium coverage at an affordable price:  Wherever you take your HDS, HDS Gen2, Elite or Mark series around the U.S. - Insight HD and PRO chartcard options have you covered, with premium, high-detail choices that don't cost a premium.

Insight HD & PRO 2012