Point-1 1.4.0

Software version 1.4.0 release for Point-1 antenna

The 1.4 software patch for the Point-1 antenna is not mandatory for all users.

The 1.4 software patch for the Point-1 antenna improves the GPS functionality for units that are used between the latitudes of 10 degrees S and 10 degrees N. This update is in response to reports that some users were experiencing GPS lock-on issues while operating in this given latitude range.

Software version 1.3.0 release for Point-1 antenna

The 1.3 software patch for the Point-1 antenna allows the user to control whether their Point-1 outputs electronic compass/ heading data in installations where multiple Point-1 antennas are installed in the same network.

All NMEA2000® devices have a setting called ‘Instance’. Changing the instance of a Point-1 will now control if a Point-1 outputs its electronic compass and heading data.

If a network has two or more Point-1 modules installed and they are all set to instance 0, the HDS will automatically select one module to use as the heading source. If one of those Point-1 modules is changed to instance 1, the HDS will always receive its heading data from that Point-1 and ignore the other(s). If multiple Point-1 modules are set to instance 1, the user can control which is used for heading via the HDS data sources list.

Point-1 1.3.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Improved time to acquire GPS fix
  • Ability to turn heading output on or off via NMEA2000® device Instance setting

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Version 1.4.0
Release Date 9/10/2013
File Size 93kB
File Format .SWUP