MapCreate 6 Sample Maps For Emulators

Sample Maps for Product Emulator Software

(Note: Points of Interest and Exit Services data is not included in the sample maps.)

1. Click on the download link below for the map you want.

2. The "File Download" dialog box will appear. Depending on the web browser you are using, click Save or select "Save this file to disk," then click OK.

3. The "Save As" dialog box will appear. Save the map to the maps folder for the emulator software, which is C:\Program Files\Lowrance\Unit Demo\Maps0. Click Save. When the download is complete, click Close to close the File Download dialog box.

4. Now simply run the emulator and the custom map will automatically be displayed. If the map is not automatically displayed in the emulator, make sure that the map is located in the "Maps0" folder of the emulator software.

5. In the emulator, press any arrow key to launch the cross-hair cursor. This will allow you to move around the map by pressing an arrow key in the direction you wish to go. You can also use the ZOUT and ZIN keys to zoom out and zoom in on the map at the cursor location or at your current position. To clear the cursor and return to the factory "current" position, press EXIT.

Running Your Own Maps in the Emulator

If you own MapCreate™, you can use your own custom maps with the emulator program. POI and Exit Services in maps that you create with MapCreate™ will display properly in the product emulators.

  1. Create a custom map and save it to your SD/MMC card as you normally do.
  2. For MapCreate™ versions 4, 5, 6 and 6.2 (all versions without data card encryption), browse to the SD/MMC card and copy the map file you made to the emulator's "Maps0" folder (default installation is C:\Program Files\Lowrance\Unit Demo\Maps0). For MapCreate™ versions 6.3 and 7 (the versions with data card encryption), leave the custom map on the SD/MMC card.
  3. Run the emulator software.
  4. Your map will be displayed automatically. Several different custom maps can be used simultaneously in the emulator.

Downloadable Files:


These downloadable maps were created in MapCreate™ version 6, and therefore, do not contain the higher level shoreline detail, enhanced lake maps, or topographic data of the latest versions of MapCreate™. These maps also have POIs and Exit Services removed. These maps are intended only to give a small sample of the MapCreate data for practice in using the Lowrance Product Emulators.

San Francisco area map
This map shows the city of San Francisco and surrounding areas, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Treasure Island and more. In the Bay and in the Pacific, you'll see buoys, lights, markers, wrecks and obstructions. The mapping extends from San Pablo and Mill Valley down to San Bruno, and from the Pacific Ocean to just east of Oakland.

Lake Sydney Lanier (Atlanta) area map
This map includes Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, Pine Lake, Carr Lake, and more. You can see the city streets of Gainesville and the state highways and county roads of northern Georgia, down to 0.1 of a mile zoom range. Most of Northeast Georgia, including all of east Atlanta, is also included in low detail.

Southeast Houston and Galveston Bay area map
This map covers a large portion of southeast Texas in low detail. The mapping  includes all of Galveston Bay, Galveston Island, all of southeast Houston, and everything in between. The map demonstrates how you can include hundreds of square miles in a relatively small file size. This map includes highways and all marine navigation and obstructions information, but roads and streets have been turned off.

Chicago area map
Low detail mapping runs from Racine, WI to LaPorte, IN up to a 100 miles zoom range. Then as you zoom in past the 20 mile range you will begin to see the higher detail mapping that reaches from Summit to Lake Michigan. With this higher detail mapping you will be able to see the smallest city features and be able to zoom in to a 0.05 mile zoom range.