Orton Taranaki Kayak Fishing 2015

March 28 - March 29, 2015

If you are into kayak fishing, the Orton Series in New Zealand is not to be missed

Orton Kayak FishingEach year, Orton Events in New Zealand organises five kayak fishing competitions around North Island. Participants have the option to join all five events or opt to join four events (event will the lowest score will be dropped). The race is open to kayakers with different levels of experience. The competition is sure to test the mettle of kayak fishing enthusiasts.

Below are the five different parts of the series:

  • Coromandel Gold Strike (Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2015). The area offers excelling fishing grounds and great scenery. It is a good area to kick off the season. The Coromandel Peninsula has coastlines that face East, West, and North.
  • Taranaki Classic (Mar 28 to Mar 29, 2015). The stunning views of the coast and Mt. Taranaki ensures that all participants will have an excellent time at this location. The surf can, at times, be rough which makes it more of a challenge.
  • Auckland Classic (May 30 to May 31, 2015). The islands throughout the Hauraki Gulf ensures that there is a range of areas to fish from. Participants can also enjoy the things that New Zealand’s biggest city has to offer.
  • Northland Cove to Cape (Aug 8 to Aug 9, 2015). Northland has some of the deepest harbours in the country. The weather and fishing grounds is a must-visit for anyone who is into kayak fishing.
  • Coromandel Gold Rush (Nov 28 to Nov 29, 2015). It goes back to where it started. The last leg of the series will be held in Coromandel.

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