Mark & Elite Software Version 4.0

The Lowrance version 4.0 software update is now available which provides support for the Mark-4 HDI and CHIRP models, Elite-4 HDI and CHIRP models, Elite-5 HDI and CHIRP models, Elite-7 HDI and CHIRP models and Elite-9 CHIRP models.

The Mark and Elite software update features include:

  • Insight Genesis™ Support: Enhanced support for Insight Genesis.
  • Sonar-Log Enhancements: Improved performance increases product functionality while recording sonar logs.
  • Navionics® Mapping Engine Upgrade: Changes in the engine will allow users to access more features on their Navionics card while in Advanced Mode. This includes Chart Details, Presentation, Easy View, Community Edits, Depth Highlights, Safety Depth, Contours Depth, Rock Depth and Shallow Water.
  • Demo Mode: Increased stability for units while running in Demo mode.
  • General software and performance improvements: Increased system stability


Download Software

Download Software


Version 4.0
Release Date Jul 28, 2015
File Size approx 17MB
File Format zip