Elite-7 2.0

Elite-7 2.0 includes the following improvements:

  1. Compatibility support for the Lowrance Point-1 GPS Antenna with built-in electronic compass for chart stabilization and accurate course over ground, even at low speeds.
  2. Navionics® Fish ‘N Chip layer support: Navionics cards with Fish’N Chip layers are now chart supported.
  3. New Chart Measure Tool: The Elite-7 now includes a tool for determining distance between your boat and a designated area, or between two areas of interest.
  4. Added support for Arabic language.

Elite-7 1.8 included the following improvements:

  1. New Transducer selection menu- Under the sonar installation menu, the Elite-7 will now have a new transducer selection prompt.
    All compatible transducers will be available from a drop down list, and the three most commonly used transducers (the 50/200HDI, the 83/200HDI, and the 83/200 BroadBand) will now be shown graphically on the screen for easy identification and selection.
  2. Enhanced Navionics capability:
    • All GPS enabled Elite-7 units will now support Navionics mapping content with 1ft contours.
    • In addition to enhanced contour content, we have increased the resolution of Navionics content when zoomed in close.
  3. Implemented Language Packs: Languages are available through Lowrance distributors around the world.

  4. Standard Language pack Russian/Ukrainian Language pack Eastern European Language pack Asian Language pack
    Danish German Bulgarian Japanese
    German US English Czech Korean
    Greek UK English German Thai
    US English Spanish US English Chinese (simplified)
    UK English French UK English Chinese (traditional)
    Spanish Italian Spanish
    French Russian Estonian
    Italian Ukrainian French
    Dutch   Croatian
    Norwegian   Hungarian
    Portuguese (Brazil)   Italian
    Swedish   Lithuanian
  5. Other minor software and bug fixes

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Version 2.0
Release Date 8-28-13
File Size 23 MB
File Format zip